Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 90: The Road Thus Far

Today is a newsletter day (that's its header, above), which is always exciting because the people who subscribe to my newsletter are some of my favorite folks in the world (and not just because I signed up my whole family without their permission). The whole group is incredibly kind, creative and supportive and they continue to blow me away with their generosity of spirit. For example, when I wrote recently about my friend's blog, Savory Salty Sweet, dozens went over to comment and send love to Elizabeth. Or when I asked for help with piddix and sent out a ridiculously long, thorough survey, nearly 300 people answered in the first 8 hours with the most thoughtful responses. All that to say I'm quite curious to hear back how everyone thinks the 100-day-quest is going since, well, it isn't turning out exactly as I had envisioned. For those of you who haven't visited since the last newsletter, here's some of the posts that seem the most relevant (or to see them all including the good, bad, and ugly, start at the beginning and keep clicking "newer post"):

Day 1 and 2: Striving for 100 Rejections in 100 Days, where I lay out the rules, reasons and first steps in my quest.

Day 6: My First Real Response, what the magazine I submitted to had to say.

Day 7:  Yippeee Hooray! My first response from a store about my collage sheets.

Day 10: The First Milestone, responses to the seven submissions/emails I had sent so far.

Day 12: Talking to Real, Live People, how the very first phone calls went.

Day 22: My First "Real" Rejection, from a magazine contest.

Day 24: Helpful Follow-Up vs Being a Pest, which seems to be a major issue for me in making contacts (or lack there-of).

Day 25: Life Lists. One of the joys of this quest has been discovering sites like Go Mighty.

Day 26: Progress? How it's all going and my first serious thought of attending CHA 2013.

Day 28: Why Rejections? In which I try to explain to everyone (well mostly my mother and father-in-law) why I think that going for 100 rejections is a good cause.

Day 29: The Long Game. A really, really exciting email from a potential distributor.

Day 30: An Update. A third of the way in and only 14 people contacted.

Day 31: Are We There Yet? Seriously wanting to quit for the first time.

Day 32: The Hero's Journey. Definitely the low point in my whole quest so far.

Day 35: It's Not Me, It's You. Starting to hear back from people.

Day 39: Don't Answer the Phone. THIS is one of the reasons for my phone phobia.

Day 42: I Got an Order! I Got an Order! I Got an Order! The first.

Day 43: A Job Half Done (Almost). A good summary of the first part of my journey and how it's nothing like I expected.

Day 49: Getting it Done. Getting my first official order of this quest out the door proved way harder than expected; Also see Day 55: Working Out the Kinks for how it worked out.

Day 50: CHA, Here I Come. A HUGE leap of faith in committing to the Craft & Hobby Association's winter trade show.

Day 54: Steep Learning Curve. Big changes and updates in the quest.

Day 56: So Sleepy. Another overwhelming, low point.

Day 60: Flying Off to Sunny California for CHA. A new haircut, and a very, very full day of travel and prep-work.

Day 61: First Day at CHA, which was totally amazing.

Day 62: My New Favorite Trash Can. CHA day two, where I meet with distributors and sales reps in person. Even more amazing!

Day 67: The Piddix Video Debut. My very first video for piddix ever, which you can really tell is my very first video for piddix ever.

Day 68: Two Rejections!

Day 71: The Waiting Place. Totally lacking motivation.

Day 73: Another Order. Yippeee!

Day 77: My Big Mistake. Why I had to completely revamp my digital collage sheet website, and, on Day 80: Switching it Up, for how it turned out.

Day 82: Can You Tell the Difference? More stress getting order number two ready.

Day 83: In Good Company. Why I really, really want to talk at Camp Mighty this year.

Day 85: A Sprint to the Finish. Will it all work out?

Day 89: This One Almost Made Me Cry. "The Power of Vulnerability" and how it relates to my fear of rejection.

Now, just 10 more days to go. Please come back later and see how it all went.


Suzanne said...

Hi CorInna,

Just read through all the blogs on your 100 day journey. I applaud you for going beyond your comfort zone! It is the only way to stretch our boundaries and you are absolutely correct when you say that people are often so busy that it is not out of disinterest but time constraints that they don't respond immediately. On the other hand persistent does pay off in the end.

Brenne also has another video on Ted talks about shame, I found her to be most inspiring.

I hope you managed to give Tim Holtz a sample of your offerings at CHA.

I wish you all the best on your journey ... Never give up on a dream.

I wish you all the best on your journey.

piddix said...

Thanks Suzanne. I will definitely check out the other Brenne talk. Sounds interesting.

You're right. Persistence is key. I have to keep telling myself that on email #3, and #4 and call #2, and so on....

Nope. Chickened out on Tim Holtz, but I told myself it was because there was no good reason to hand him my sample pack, and a good reason not to....we have similar audiences and he's currently not offering any images for jewelry or jewelry components, and I didn't want to give him any good ideas that might impede on my work. Okay, and I was a little chicken, too. I was able to connect with lots of other amazing folks though.

Suzanne said...

Hi Corinne

I just received my newsletter from absolute favorite magazines and lo and behold I see they now offer Piddix collage sheets.

Congratulations!!!! Good for you.

Kindest regards,

piddix said...

Thanks Suzanne. Yes, I'm totally, totally thrilled about Stampington. I love them, too.

sleepy's coupon said...

Much obliged Suzanne. I will without a doubt look at the other Brenne talk. Sounds fascinating.