Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 64: Filming a Craft Tutorial on my Mac

I came back from CHA with a ton of new products I want to try, so somehow I got it in my head to make a movie/tutorial/review of Ice Resin and Rue Romantique bezels (because, you know, I may as well get over all my fears right at once). Two days later it's all shot; now on to the editing. I had some typical rookie mistakes, like saying "um" a ton and talking for way too long (it's 10 minutes, which is too long for me to watch). Overall, though, the camera process went pretty smoothly. The basic set-up was my office, QuickTime, and the camera on my iMac. Now on to iMovie to see if I can put the different parts together and cut down the time a bit. Luckily, there's an editor in the family, so if I get stuck I can always get some help. Stay tuned....hoping to have it all done by Monday.

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