Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 63: The Dreaded Follow-Up

Yep, that's me above. Taking a selfie in the window of the Red Lion, where I stayed while at CHA (a pretty nice hotel, actually, and close to the convention center). And yes, that's my idea of dressing up...knee high Doc Martens and all.

Today was all about following up, which I'm usually pretty horrible at in these types of situations. After attending Surtex last year in New York, I had a great list of contacts I had made that I should have connected with right away. I made it through the top two on my list, ended up licensing four calendars to one and not working with the other, but never did anything with the rest. There's something about the excitement of the show: focused, intense time spent on imagining all the possibilities. But then once home everything else (email, dinner) seems to take over. Today, for example, I only sent two of the dozen or so emails I needed to send. They were lengthy emails, but still...it shouldn't take that long. So tomorrow is all about "getting it done." Two emails down, at least ten more to go.

Also, I need to do a tutorial/review of some of the sample products I picked up while at CHA and am contemplating making it into a video. That can't be tooooo hard, right? Right? I guess we'll see how that goes.

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