Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 80: Switching it Up

Do you ever get the feeling, when you've made a big change, like you've just made a huge mistake? When it comes to things like an etsy or online store, sometimes I fear that with one big (or little) switch the whole e-commerce site will come screeching to a halt. Orders will stop coming in, my store will become irrelevant. In my Full-Time-Etsy team we talk about the quiet days with both thankfulness and dread, since there's always that irrational worry that your last sale will be the last one you'll ever have.

I completely re-vamped my online store three days ago. Day one was quiet (on no, what did I do?). Day two had sales (yea, everything is awesome!). Now day three is quiet again (oh no!).

I love new projects. I love learning, and starting something fresh. But that moment, right after a launch when waiting for someone to walk in the door or to notice me standing at a booth....that's always when I get nervous.

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