Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 81: Making Friends

Glamour Seal by Annie Howes.
My business model is quite a bit different than most. Other printed collage sheet sellers (and there's not too many) often start off selling other products (glaze, jewelry findings, etc.) and then add on a couple of collage sheets at the end. Whereas at piddix, it's all about the collage sheets. I know my product inside and out, thoroughly research copyright, work incredibly hard to make them the best quality, and so on.

But while at CHA, one of the fun realizations I had was that I can't go it alone. Everywhere I looked I saw other products that would be great with piddix collage sheets (like Ice Resin), got to meet all kinds of women running amazing companies, and took lots of samples to try out at home. I think the more I can refer companies who buy piddix collage sheets to complimentary products that I've tested myself, the better.

Which all comes back to a totally awesome package I got this weekend from Annie Howes. I've loved (and used) Annie's glass forever, so now I'm trying out a new glaze she has that works simultaneously as a glue and a seal for ink jet prints. It basically means that all my digital collage sheet customers who like to print with ink jet printers at home could use just one product for both sealing the paper and gluing the collage images into bezels and settings. Way easier. Can't wait to try it out and report back.


Anonymous said...

I hope this means there's another video in our future! Pennie

piddix said...

Yikes. I don't know. I think I might be better with the written word. We'll see how it goes.