Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 85: A Sprint to the Finish

I have two weeks left in my 100-day-quest, and I think it would be pretty easy to call it done. I have two new, amazing places that will be selling piddix collage sheets any day now (I can't wait to share). I've flown to a tradeshow, submitted my artwork to various places, and generally made a lot of progress in getting over my fear of rejection.

But I don't want to end this all as "okay;" I want to call it amazing. I want to look back over the past 100 days and say, "wow, what a huge difference this made."

This is what my dream team looks like:
  • One amazing distributor
  • Two large, cutting edge, brick & mortar shops I sell directly to and receive feedback from
  • Five nationally known crafty instructors using piddix collage sheets for their demos and classes
  • Four of the best online stores selling piddix collage sheets, plus one specific etsy seller
  • Two new collage sheet shapes based on the work of/made in conjunction with two leading jewelry finding manufacturers
  • Two of the best crafty sales rep teams
And I'd love to thrown in a trip or two somewhere, somehow. CHA Vegas for this summer? Disneyland or something else fun for Spring break?

So far I have about half of the above list. The rest are all "in progress" for the most part. I've had initial conversations, made progress, and then stalled. I think this is the point where I most frequently fail: I'll email someone once, or maybe twice. Then if I don't hear back I'll stop trying to make contact for fear of annoying someone, or fear that the reason they're not getting back to me has more to do with them not wanting to work with me and less to do with their too-busy-schedule.

It's time to start the sprint at the end. It's time to do more follow-up with the people I most want to work with. It's time to move beyond "okay" and on to amazing.


Anonymous said...

If you need some inspiration, I'd say look no further than the faces of those cyclers! You have made amazing strides and are now truly in the home stretch - finish line in sight! Pennie

Val Sparkle said...

I think the key to not getting discouraged is to ignore the unanswered emails and all that came before. Pretend that these last two weeks are just the beginning so you don't lose momentum. Your stuff is good - there's no reason you can't achieve all your goals!

piddix said...

Thanks so much, all. And yes, those bikers sure do look serious, don't they? I'd love to follow their lead.