Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 84: Not Just Desserts

Last night I attended the Small Business Legal Clinic's (SBLC) annual open house. I've used the SBLC for several legal issues including questions about copyright, contract language, and intellectual property. They're a really great organization that serves a valuable purpose in Portland. Plus, the hold the event in a fancy schmancy law firm and always have the absolute best desserts. You see the cupcake-looking drizzled chocolate peanut butter thingee in the front of the bottom image? Serious yum.

Normally when I attend these types of things I talk to the two people I know and then spend the rest of the night hiding. This time, I actually approached random strangers and held real, live conversations. I didn't explode or anything! Yea for talking (and of course yea for desserts, too).

Happy Valentine's Day all!

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