Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 8: Making Pin-Friendly Images

I wrote yesterday about coming up with new "first images" for etsy that were fresh but still true to my personal style. After a lot of futzing, I ended up with an extra tall image that has a collage at the top and sample uses at the bottom. On etsy, I can arrange the image to only show the top collage, but on pinterest or once someone clicks on the listing, it will show the entire piece. So far it's been testing well, with the new design outperforming similar images that have the collage only. I might keep playing around with it a bit, but for now it seems like a good direction in which to head.
Day 8 - December 8th
Etsy Sales: $0
Etsy Views: 212
Total Etsy Items: 412
Updated Etsy Items: 3/412
Facebook Likes: 320
Instagram Followers: 497

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