Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 95: Drum-roll Please

Announcing the debut of the second official order of piddix collage sheets in my 100-day-quest.

Drum-roll please........

Rings & Things!!!!

How cool is that?

One thing I'm very happy about in this quest is that I went with my absolute-absolute favorite, always-dreamed-of-being-there companies first. To be in both Stampington's Shoppe and Rings & Things just blows me away. Feeling very lucky over here.

At the moment the piddix collage sheets are listed as in the "Pre-Proofing" stages with an expected catalog print date of the Spring 2013 supplement. In other words, I have absolutely no idea when they'll be available to the public, but "Spring" doesn't sound too far away.


Anonymous said...

Double yay! So happy for you, Corinna. Pennie

Anonymous said...

So Very Awesome!!

piddix said...

Thanks so much ladies!