Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 96: "Bloom"

I've been volunteering at my oldest son's school for their Red Ball auction. My son is in kindergarten, so the whole fundraising scene is new to me and a bit baffling (those of you will older kids in school are probably rolling your eyes). Basically, you have the kids make a piece of art and then the parents get the privilege of bidding on it. Despite my initial confusion with how all this fundraising works, the school is amazing, and the auction pays for all kinds of wonderful "extras" that really should be in all public schools (like art, PE, and music teachers).

Plus, didn't the children do amazing work? The wall art they made above (titled "Bloom") is formed from 56 metal petals the students collaged with all kinds of vintage papers. I'm really proud of all the work they did and how it turned out. Lots more details and photos here, if you're curious.


Anonymous said...

They did an awesome job! This should bring a really nice bid. I think I need a couple of those budding artists to help in my studio! Pennie

piddix said...

Thanks Pennie. I'm totally proud of them. How they put all the colors together on their petals was amazing.