Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 49: Getting it Done

While much of my quest has been focused on acquiring new clients, especially for my collage sheets, now that I have real orders I actually need to fill them. This means prepping the digital files, sending them off to the printer, proof checks, pick-up and deliveries, packaging the collage sheets in mylar sleeves, and on and on. And did I mention I'm about 1500 miles away from my office for the holidays? I have a really great team of printers and packagers and such back home, but it's a tight turn-around, so if one little thing goes awry it could be a mess. Today, for example, the mylar sleeve delivery appears to have gotten lost en-route, perhaps stolen off a porch by a thief who no doubt will be disappointed when he opens the heavy box to find nothing but thousands of pieces of clear plastic. I'm really hoping the package turns up hidden behind some bush. I always like over-delivering on quality and speed, and since these are all brand new clients, I'm especially anxious to impress. I'll be much happier in a week knowing that the orders are all packed up and on their way to their new homes.


Alleli Aspili said...

What happened then, Corrina? I mean, how did everything go? I think being 1,500 miles away from your office was surely a big problem. But, seeing your recent posts makes me think you did fine. I really hope you did because your business is awesome! Did I already mention how much I love your work? Just keep it up and I hope your quest in acquiring new clients is doing fine as well. ;)

-Alleli Aspili, SSG Specialist in a BPO Company

piddix said...

Hi Alleli,
It actually went from bad to worse. The envelope company was closed for the holidays, the printer messed up the first round of designs, then I had to re-order and re-pack everything. Luckily I had built enough lead time into everything so it still made it there on time. But it was stressful. I'm hoping the kinks are worked out for the next orders.