Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 48: My Happy Place

One of my favorite work tasks is visiting an archive to scan new images. I get to have a knowledgeable, kind archivist help me find the most amazing, rare engravings, chromolithographs and bits of ephemera. Today I visited an archive of rare children's books in the morning, then spent the afternoon going through the files of an old art school that no longer exists, scanning painting manuals, fashion plates, and French typography cards. I put a couple of today's finds above. So fun.

One of the funny things I realized today is that I'm starting to put the business side of my business (wholesale, creating portfolios, contacting new stores) into the "fun" category as well. I'm pretty excited to get back to Oregon and dive back into tracking down some sales reps, for example. What a difference 48 days makes.

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