Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 50: CHA, Here I Come

I think Brian took this photo the first (& only other) time I went to CHA, back in 2010.
Today I took a deep breath and booked a plane ticket and hotel for the Craft & Hobby Association's winter show. I learned my lesson from my last tradeshow trip to New York and skipped the super, super cheap hostels and strange European roommates (though if anyone wants to share a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night, let me know). The conference is less than two weeks away, which is kind of insane since there's quite a bit to do still, not the least of which is get a tradeshow pass to actually be able to enter the convention hall. I also need to get all my printed materials ready and start setting up meetings. Oh, and all the rest of my licensing and collage sheet work and such that I need to do in the mean time anyway. Even with all that, it's still pretty exciting. I'm going to CHA! Yea!

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