Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 41: The Email That Gave Me Chills

I had a whole other post all written up in my head for tonight, but then I got this email, and I got chills. It's a generic letter, written by Clare Yuille of Indie Retail Academy sent to all her newsletter subscribers. But if you take a look at the (slightly shortened) version below, and if you've been following my "rejection quest," you'll see why this is the first marketing-ish newsletter or blog post I've ever read that actually felt directed right at me:

"It's nearly Christmas, Corinna.

Lights are twinkling, wine is mulling and eggs are nogging...

So what's with all the rejection talk?

Why am I metaphorically locking you outside in the snow when you have no socks on and the Christmas special of Downton Abbey is about to start?

Way to kill your festive buzz, right?


But here's my point.

Next year you and your business are going to do great things. You're going to create beautiful products, snag new stockists and delight more customers.

You're going to see real, measurable improvements.

Oh, and you're going to make more money with your wholesale biz than you ever have before.

To make this happen you'll have to work damned hard. Maybe harder than you are right now.

And you'll have to take risks.

Sometimes you won't be sure that things are going to work out the way you want.

Sometimes you'll get kicked in the teeth.

Sometimes you'll feel like throwing it all in the bin and taking that job at Spud-U-Like that your Mum helpfully circled in the newspaper.

Don't do that, sweetie.

Getting rejected hurts but it doesn't have to completely derail you. Here's how to do it like a pro... [there's a whole middle section with five thorough tips, which you can see here].

Over the holidays I hope you'll rest, recharge and plan something amazing for the next year of your business.

You don't have to let the fear of rejection shape those plans or prevent you from going full throttle for what you want. You're smart and you're tough.

Bring. It. On.

Merry Christmas sweetheart.

With every warm wish for your success,"


I may have to print this out and stick it on my wall. Thanks for the inspiration Clare.


Anonymous said...

How awesome! The universe is indeed speaking to you and I'm glad you're listening!! And thank you for sharing because those of us following you on this journey were also meant to hear this as well. I'm launching my 500 wholesale project (reaching out to 500 boutiques, gift shops, ski resorts, hotel gift shops, hospital gift shops) in my home state of Colorado in the New Year. And I've been doing a lot of planning this last week and this email that you received and passed onto us is just perfect. Thank you, thank you and Merry Christmas!

piddix said...

Oooh. 500 boutiques! That is so awesome. Love the idea. Let us know how it goes.