Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 42: I Got an Order! I Got and Order! I Got an Order!

A real, live order came in today, all filled out and pretty and everything. I'm still pinching myself. It's one of those dream customers...a place I've always wished would carry my work.

I just looked at my notes and it took just over one month, three sample packs, talking with three different people, four emails, and two phone calls. Honestly not too bad, all things considered. As soon as it's all official and on their website I'll add more details here. Now it's really up to my images to prove themselves. Hopefully they'll sell well and lead to more orders. Repeat customers are the best. Yea!!!!!!


Darlene said...

Congratulations! I feel inspired by your first order. Now, I need to get going on my goals.

piddix said...

The positive responses are definitely inspiring. I have to remember those when the others come in, too.

What are some of your goals you're working on?