Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 8: Feelin' Minnesota

It's been almost three years to the day that I shipped my very first set of collage sheets to the very first store: The Bead Monkey in Minnesota. Owner Tina Lilja was instrumental in those first designs, even helping choose the overall look and feel of the line. So it was fun to write her today an update on where the collage sheets have come in that time. And while I already have a relationship built with Tina, it's been years since I've done any follow-up. It would feel a bit like a homecoming to have the piddix sheets back in The Bead Monkey stores.

On a side note, contacting stores seems to be getting a bit easier. The more emails I write, the more tools I have to choose from (line sheets, catalog, language, etc.). I'm hoping tomorrow to make a dent in my "to contact" list. Though starting next week I'll have to take a deep breath and actually pick up the phone for some follow-ups. Yikes.

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