Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 12: Talking to Real, Live People

Today's totally random image was part of a proposal I sent off today. It's from a Mad-Men era set of designs I recently bought from a long-defunct East coast publication house.
Today I spoke with actual, real live people, and it was kind of fun. It's exciting that two of the companies I'm most excited to work with have both gotten back to me. It's exciting that everyone has been super-nice. And even my first semi-rejection today was actually totally fine since it was quick, direct, and easy.

With all the emails, calls, and mailings going on, I'm starting to get too many random notes in various places (mostly excel documents). I think it might be time for a more-robust tracking system. Apparently "customer relationship management" software is kind of a big deal with lots and lots of expensive options, but I haven't found too much for Macs. I'm thinking of trying out Bento since I really don't need anything too fancy and I never like the idea of the ongoing monthly fees that all the rest seem to have. Anyone have any suggestions?

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