Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 11: Feel the Fear, Do it Anyway

Above print from Jessica Swift, too.
The title of this post, "Feel the Fear, Do it Anyway" is a quote I first heard from Jessica Swift, probably in an interview I read with her somewhere. I think it will be my mantra tomorrow....because tomorrow is phone day. It's been just long enough since I started emailing people, and just far enough away from Thanksgiving, that tomorrow's the best day to give people a call. All-in-all these calls take mere minutes. So perhaps I'll cram them all in at once in the mid-morning. Kind of like ripping the band-aid off instead of the slow peel. If you're a phone person, none of this probably resonates. But trust me; I'll be doing a lot of "feeling the fear and doing it anyway" tomorrow. Thanks all for your support in this journey of mine.

In related news, tomorrow is the first meeting with a possible business coach. Yea! And also, I'm still totally in love with my list. I really don't want to email anyone tonight, but looking at the list I can pick a couple of easier shops and put something together quickly. Without the list I'd be at a bit of a loss for what to do next.

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