Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 13: Win $180 at Reebonz

One of the funny side-effects of checking out different flash sale sites as places to sell my art prints (like Fab and One Kings Lane) is that I've ended up with some random shopping credits. For example, somehow I won $180 to use on Reebonz, which I thought would be fun to pass on to a piddix blog reader.

Since the intention of my 100-day challenge is to get over my fears of contacting people for my business, I thought I'd keep with the same theme for the contest.

To be entered to win the $180 gift certificate, here's what to do:

1. You can enter up to one time per day between now and November 29th by posting somewhere on this blog something scary (or brave) you did for your business that day. Maybe you handed out your business card to a complete stranger you met on the bus, or contacted a retail store to see if they would carry your work. If your craft is more personal than business, perhaps you entered your artwork in a contest or submitted to a gallery. Whatever you did that day to put your work out there that you might not have normally done, let us all know here. Every post (limit one per day) counts as one entry.

2. Then check back on November 29th to see if you won.

Fine print stuff: Gift certificate must be used by November 30th, 2012 and must be used to cover any shipping and customs fees, so the actual price of the item will be around $120. I'll coordinate use of the gift certificate with the winner. If you'd like to leave your email in the post I can contact you if you win, but it's not necessary if you'd prefer to check back on November 29th.

Best of luck to everyone! The sooner you start, the more chances you'll have to win.


Mu-Yin Molly Chen said...

I hired a friend as an assistant!(that's scary for me because I don't want it to end badly :P)

Mary Elizabeth said...

I just spent a couple thousand dollars on Giclee Prints of my artwork. That is a scary number! I sure hope they sell soon.

Unkamengifts said...

I hired a professional photographer to shoot pics of our work on live models.

Annie Howes said...

Wow! Big steps are scary, and I'm very impressed with how you've addressed the fears of taking the next step. I've had to address my fear of using credit to grow my business and that meant applying for and using a line of credit. One of the best steps I have taken.

susan sheehan said...

My big scary step was to let an application pass and back away from shows next year. I am only doing one big show instead of 8. I have held on to the belief many people need to touch before buying and am finding it's becoming less and less important. I can't even tell you the huge relief I feel not having to arrange my life around all those shows next year!