Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open House

I've spent this fall covered in dust, mud, cleaning supplies and paint. We put our house on the market in October, so in addition to all of the cleaning, painting and fixing required beforehand (thanks for the help Mom & Dad!), we also had to keep the house obnoxiously clean while on the market. We hid the toothbrushes and the doggy beds. We staged all the closets and bookshelves. More than once I put the morning's dirty dishes under the sink rather than in it just in case someone wanted to come by while we were out.

Thank goodness that's all over (knock on wood).

Our current house is all set to close in a week, sold to a lovely couple who's a friend of a friend. Plus, we've found a new home that we love. Assuming all goes well (which is always a big assumption, so we'll see) we're set to be in the new place by New Year's eve. Party at our house?

For anyone who's curious, here are some pics taken by a professional photographer of our soon-to-be-old house. And here are my photos, too. Perhaps I'll post some of our new house in the next couple of weeks. All very exciting.

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