Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Great Divide

One of the more difficult tasks put forth in my small business class was to create a divide between my business and personal life. I've failed miserably in most areas. My office has moved backed to the middle of my home. I have no set business hours. I drag Declan on all my business errands (not that he minds trips to craft stores too much, but still).

I have learned one trick that works amazingly, though. I set up a separate business phone number. It's through googlevoice. It's free (which is awesome). I can forward it to my cell phone, set up a separate voicemail, create different responses during different hours. It even emails me a text translation of any messages I receive. And I feel way more professional being able to hand out a business phone number when needed. Now I'm sounding like a commercial. But hey, it does rock, so I thought I'd pass along the tip. Here's the details.

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