Saturday, May 16, 2009

Building Sandcastles (or how to turn my craft business around)

I can pinpoint the exact moment that things started to turn around for piddix. I was sitting at my computer in Hawaii (long story) thinking about all of the pros and cons of running my own business. Things were looking pretty bleak. Then something happened: As I was tallying up all the positives of working from home (including being in Hawaii) I decided that this is what I want to do. I committed to piddix. Even if that meant postponing student loans and eating a lot of rice while things got off the ground.

In many ways that moment of commitment was exactly what I needed. That day I taught myself a new graphic design program and started a whole new line of more modern collage sheets. I sent out my then-quarterly newsletter and have continued sending it out every week or two. And I also started doing some advertising--something that, despite my preconceptions, has actually worked pretty well for bringing in new visitors. Oh, and I threw my to-do list out the window and have instead started listening to my gut about how to prioritize each day.

Piddix is far from safe. I feel like I'm building some massive structure out of toothpicks, ice cubes and the occasional sand bag. I keep adding different parts, shoring up others, all while the tide is rising. But for the moment the precarious structure that is piddix is holding off the floodwaters--hopefully for long enough to find a long-term solution to making piddix work.

I'll leave you with a Henry Thoreau quote that was on my office wall for many years and seems especially appropriate at the moment:

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. There is where they should be. Now put foundations under them."


HeArt Collective said...

ahhh... i *completely* and utterly relate to this post, corinna.

cheers to building foundations and going with your gut!


Frenchell said...

What a great posts! I always love reading your updates!

piddix said...

Heart Collective, I'm am so not a "just going with it person." I love my lists! But my lists and plans seemed to be getting in the way of doing the most important, timely things--so here we go.

And Frenchell, I'm off to work on something for your lovely blog right now. Thanks.

Sara said...

Love the story and the quote, Corinna!

piddix said...

Thanks Sara. The quote is something a co-worker had put up, and it was there for years, but it seems especially relevant now.

Lara Schmidt said...

I might be overly emotional: but I choked up a little at the end...

So happy to hear that you're diving in!

piddix said...

Oh Lara! You know that quote was on the wall for many years about four feet away from where you sit. It stayed there until the office remodel. I'll give you one guess who put it up.