Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's to Good Friends

The summer after we graduated my friend Dan created a chain letter for all of our High School friends to keep in touch. This was in 1992--before email--so the letter involved actual paper and photographs. The package was moving along swimmingly, spending a week or two with each person while they added their own thoughts or news. But then it got to Kristine, who was having a bit of a rough time. She kept waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting for things to turn around so that she could add happy updates to the letter. Kristine is of course doing much better almost 20 years later, but the letter never made it out of her hands.

I've been feeling a little bit like Kristine lately. Definitely in the middle of a rough patch these last couple of days and not really wanting to write about it yet. I've started three different blog posts and abandoned them all. So instead I will leave you with some fun photographs taken last weekend at our friend Jeff's wedding. Here's 14 of my High School friends who traveled from around the world to come together once again. We are very fortunate to have kept up with one another--these days via facebook, emails, and the occasional trip. The last photo is me and Dan, who started the original letter and still is much of the glue that keeps us in touch. I'm feeling very fortunate for such great friends.


Monica from Urban Bead said...

I am sending you positive vibes!!

piddix said...

Thank you!