Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18th-21st: Getting Positive Feedback

I love positive feedback. When I listed my first collage sheet eight or so years ago, it sold 20 minutes later and I knew I’d stumbled onto something good. That’s definitely not the case now. Hours spend on etsy yields very little feedback (so far). This morning I woke up to five incredible emails about licensing, printed collage sheets, and major graphic design projects … but not one etsy sale. At this point I’m proceeding on more stubbornness than hope. Perhaps a routine of an hour a day spent on the etsy site can help roust some sales?

Today I received more sales on my stand-alone, instant site than on etsy. To put that in perspective, take a look at the screen shot above. Do you see the categories on the left that just say “Custom Page 1…..Custom Page 2…..Custom Block 1….” Do you see the sign up at the top that says “We’re just getting set up here”? Do you see how UGLY the whole thing is in general? And the “newest” media is from 2009 I think. Basically, I uploaded my sheets to this site years ago and haven’t touched it. And yet, more sales there today than my whole etsy site. Okay, honestly, that wasn’t hard since I had zero sales on etsy. But still….

Dec 18-21st
views: 792 (198/day)
sales: $15.83 ($3.95/day)

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