Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3: How to Increase Views on Etsy

Today was all about getting more views on etsy in an attempt to increase sales as well. You can see from the above chart my views have been going down all of 2015 (with the exception of May, which is when I advertise the piddix subscription). Last month was just 6,000; that includes total shop and item views (the blue and purple lines). By ways of comparison, in 2014 my total views were over 10,000 per month, and back when I was full-time-etsy they were closer to 15,000.

To increase views, I listed a new collage sheet and posted it to:

shop updates

And added almost 20 items (17 that were sold out, 1 brand new).

I also started using the "Sell on Etsy" app, feverishly checking the "Stats" tab for both views and favorites.

And it worked (kinda). Views went from 174 to 223, which is nice. However, today's sales were a big fat zero. Well poop.

Day 3 - December 3rd
Etsy sales: $0 (boo)
Etsy Views: 223 (+49)
Total Etsy Items: 404 (+18)
Updated Etsy Items: 2/405
Facebook Likes: 318
Instagram Followers: 498 (+2)

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