Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2: Tracking the Competition on Etsy
Day two of performing CPR on my etsy shop involved lots of competitive research. Specifically, I wanted to see if selling my product (digital collage sheets) on etsy was still a viable option. Is anyone still making money with jewelry and mixed media printables?

I started with Craft Count, which lists top sellers by category. I went through all 100 top digital collage sheets sellers and chose about 20 based on similar products, pricing, and high quality to briefly track. So far it's not great. Even the top shops are only selling 10-20 items per day. While that may sound like a lot, it's nowhere near the numbers the category once had and most of the products are low-priced ($3-$4 each).

Then a took a look at general themes, strengths and weaknesses. For example, Christmas is definitely trending (makes sense) and many of the shops with blatantly illegal images are no longer there. Having a good, consistent look and feel was common for the best shops, while a scattered non-cohesive look anchored the lower performers. All bringing up points I can improve upon.

I also pulled up my old Uncle Gravy account to check out my relevance for search terms, discovering that I'm only on 2 to 3 pages out of the first 50 for the search term "collage sheet," while others are on every page (really not good for me). Tags and titles are definitely something I'll need to tackle soon to be seen in search.

Now on to the details.

Day 2 - December 2nd
Etsy sales: $7.93 (hey, that's twice the day before!)
Etsy Views: 174 (slightly lower)
Total Etsy Items: 386 (all the rest are the same)
Updated Etsy Items: 0/386
Facebook Likes: 318
Instagram Followers: 496

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