Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Feedback from the Piddix 2014 Subscription

I've been offering piddix printable subscriptions on and off for six years now. Each summer I pour my heart (and many sleepless nights) into not only collage sheets, but also full-sized images, tutorials, examples, and custom requests. It's inspiring, thrilling, and exhausting. And at the end of each year I debate whether to do it all again. This year it's been a particularly difficult decision. Every night about 2 am I think: "oh, I just can't do it this year! I need to sleep." And every morning I've decided "I have to do it; it's so much fun!"
As part of my decision-making process, I gathered up all of the images sent last year, as well as looked through the surveys and feedback from the 2014 summer subscription. The images make me want to go back to bed (how did I make so many last year?). But the feedback makes me want to list the subscription right now and not look back.

If go ahead with the 2015 subscription it will be because of the unbelievably amazing community that forms while everyone is making, sharing, and learning. Thanks so much to everyone who has been part of the subscription in the past. I'll know soon what will happen for 2015. But in the mean time, a HUGE thanks for all of your support.

Feeback, and what was sent as part of the subscription in 2014

You cannot go wrong with a purchase like this one! First, the value is unbelievable for what you get. Each download that arrives is like a dose of candy for the mind. It really gets you jonesing to create something. Piddix digital images really are timeless. I will definitely keep coming back to this seller.

Really Corinna you have outdone yourself this time. I'm so impressed with all the new images and what you've done with them. The Facebook Group is fun too as I enjoy seeing what others are making with the images.

First, I want to say, I AM trilled with my subscription. Love, love your work.  What I love about it, the images are so crisp and clean, they are truly unique, something I could not find on my own, and they layer well together, and with text. The image sizes are perfect. They can be printed larger or smaller and there is no loss. I liked the "subscription so much, that I purchased a CD. These are great and I like :)
I could not have been more pleased with the subscription. You always keep it fresh and interesting - I can't think of anything I would change.

This is great. I really feel its been worth every penny.

I love all that you do!  The images are wonderful.

Always unique and wonderful images, very happy with last summer's prints, so I went all in for all three months.

I am always so happy with my purchases from Piddix. So many wonderful images.

The best customer service that I ever have experienced. Very cool images also. Corinna puts her heart and soul into her work!!

I have to say these are the BEST quality I have seen yet. Love this shop's sheets. Thanks and thanks!

Always love the subscriptions! I just love to get new themes even if I don't get to use them.
Yours are the only Collage Sheets and images that I will purchase because I appreciate the quality of same. I've already subscribed… Thanks so much.

 Piddix is the BEST! I love it.

Loving my daily downloads! Thanks for making this available.

I was thrilled with the selection and quality and variety of the images.

I love your creativity. With your subscription program, I have a chance to buy art that's different than what I would usually purchase.

Corinna, You rock as an artist and as a businesswoman. I'm sure you're getting loads of feedback. Thank you for asking. Thank you for listening. Thank you for doing the stunningly creative work you do. This summer subscription will be superb!


Renee Hong said...

Please consider doing it again. I've enjoyed using them in my jewelry designs, packaging and design work. You are my most trusted source for "safe" images, especially vintage ones!

piddix said...

Renee you are the best! Thank you so much. I'm contemplating at the moment going for just a one-month subscription, the benefit being in part a year's worth of images in just one month (& just one month's cost).