Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 55: Working Out the Kinks

For nearly three years now I've been working out all the kinks in my printed collage sheet production: making sure the paper, ink, printers, packaging and such were all perfect. So it should be a fairly smooth process by this time. But first, a lost package of mylar sleeves set me back a week. Then both people I've been working with at my local print shop (the designer and cutter) moved onto other jobs, so it's a whole new staff that's printing and cutting my sheets. So late last night, while I finished putting the last collage sheets into their sleeves, I realized that the crooked cuts in the collage sheets were just too far off for me to send them off to their new home.

Luckily, I sent over pics of the miss-cut sheets to my print house and they re-printed and cut everything within hours. They even brought in someone from home on a Saturday to work on my job, which I felt bad about, but also greatly appreciated. I built in a bit of extra time into this whole process, but at this point, time is up. Which is why I'm sitting here at 2 am, having just finished watching a not-too-horrible remake of Total Recall, packing up the THIRD set of these same collage sheets. In the end, though, I feel much, much better about the quality of the collage sheets I'm sending off. All. Most. Done.

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