Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 54: Steep Learning Curve

Well hello there steep learning curve. I didn't know you'd be there. File from here.
Today I made more calls and sent more emails than I think I have on any other day in this 100-day-quest. I'm lining up meetings with distributors and sales reps for CHA. I leave in exactly one week and want to make the most of it. As I was tooling along, sending out invites to different people for meetings, I kind of stumbled upon the realization that I know very little about sales reps. For example, I had an incredibly nice person write back and let me know that, among other things, she's not an independent sales rep, but rather works with a larger group. I guess I'd never thought of what the "independent" in independent sales rep really meant. I'm also discovering that it's way harder to track down potential reps than I previously thought. With licensing, there's a couple of lists of the 50-100 main agencies that people work with. But I haven't found anything similar yet with crafty sales reps. Ah well; one more thing to learn, which, in general, is often a good thing.

Among other things, today I:
  • Posted a request on "Independent Sales Reps" (which hasn't shown up yet)
  • Became besties with Zooey Deschanel when HelloGiggles, which she helped found, asked me via twitter to write up a post about my 100-day-quest
  • Sent out emails and/or samples to seven different sales reps and distributors. I even called a couple of people and didn't hang up when being transferred. Big step!
  • FINALLY received the packaging for my first official order of my quest. It was supposed to arrive almost a week ago but got lost, then the holidays hit and everything was closed. Urgh. Thank goodness for some totally awesome help today that packed everything up.
  • Am 90% through the process of a second order of collage sheets. Nothing official yet, but very, very close. Yea!
No wonder I'm tired. 

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