Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 38: Putting My Money Where My Business Is

Funny image of "Cash" (Johnny, not the money). From here.
I'm not great at spending money, especially on tasks that I think I can do myself. On things like my website...which I built but needs a lot of work still, it's really hard for me to justify spending thousands of dollars for a professional web developer when I always think that someday I'll find the time to personally make it better.

My digital collage sheet site is especially a mess. Pretty, but difficult to navigate and almost impossible to figure out how to purchase anything (which is kind of a problem). So today I took a deep breath and clicked "purchase" to have a pro re-install and upgrade the software. Honestly, it was only $25, but normally my "I can do it" tendencies would have kicked in and I would have spent hours and hours fuming, frustrated, and trying not to completely erase my site. I also contacted some pros to get quotes for making the site how I truly want it to be. I'm hoping to learn that just because I can do something in my business, doesn't always mean I should do it.

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