Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 28: Why Rejections?

I've had three different people now ask me, "why rejection?" Why not strive to get 100 acceptance letters in 100 days? Wouldn't that be happier? And while I would probably cry if every single email and call I made ended in a "no," I think there's quite a bit of value in it for me to purposefully embrace rejection, and here's why:

1.  One of my main goals in this task is to learn how to call and email people without fear and ask them to purchase my products The more people tell me "no," the easier it gets (especially when sprinkled liberally with yes's). I'm trying to learn to take rejection less personally.

2. By striving for rejection, I'm going for the absolute top of my list: the biggest and best stores who I've been wanting to contact for years but was too afraid. If I went for 100 acceptance letters, I might pick the small, easy, low-hanging fruit just to have people say yes.

3. When someone says no to me (as a store did today), I think, "well, at least there's one more rejection." It softens the blow and makes the whole process a bit more fun.

4. I have to call, email, and call again. To actually have someone say an absolute no takes time. Most of my first contacts end in polite "we'll let you know," but if I really want a response I have to be persistent. While yes, I prefer it if someone places an order, I think that learning to not give up is also a valuable lesson.

What do you think?

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