Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 27: Serendipity

Whenever I hear the word serendipity, I always think of a mystical horse or unicorn. Now, thanks to google, I know why. I must have read this book as a child. Love the moral of the story "Knowing who you really are will bring you happiness."
Tonight I crafted three or four emails to send out tomorrow. It still takes forever, since I love looking at everyone's websites and crafting tailored notes. At least I've finally decided to stop sending emails at 3 am when I actually write them, but rather to save them as drafts to send in the morning to look a bit more professional. (Probably a good idea to re-read them, too, when I'm a bit more awake.)

One of the really fun, serendipitous things that kept happening tonight was that every time I put in a shop owner's email, it would pop up as already being in my address book. I discovered two or three people who had ordered digital collage sheets from when I sold on etsy as well as another shop owner who already follows me on twitter. It felt a bit like a homecoming. I really love my digital customers and it was nice to think of some of them finding me in the new shops.

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