Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 24: Helpful Follow-Up vs Being a Pest

While most of today was spent in search of the perfect Christmas Tree at a family-run farm on the way to Mt. Hood, I did manage to pack up a few sample envelopes this evening to send off to California.

I also put together a batch of sample "pitch" emails to show my new business coach. As part of the process I noticed that I'm pretty good at writing "first-contact" emails. After-all, I'm only contacting stores that I really like anyway. But it's in the follow-up emails and phone calls where I tend to fall flat. I might send one email, call once or twice. And if I don't hear back from anyone after that I'll leave it alone. I've heard time and time again that persistence is key, and you have to get in front someone up to seven times before making an impact. So at least in theory it's fine to keep emailing and calling until receiving an answer. But doesn't that feel like a whole lot of pestering? Well, maybe that's another good reason for my 100 rejections in 100 days campaign. I actually need real "no's" (or at least final answers), which I can't get until I connect with someone.

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