Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 23: The Customer Gallery

Scrabble tile necklace by SugarPanda.
One of my jobs is to help retail stores be as successful as possible when selling piddix collage sheets. I can do this by making sure my product is of great quality, exceptionally well packaged, and legal. On my website, I can offer tutorials on how to work with the images, show customer examples, and share merchandizing tips and store display photographs.

So that second part is what I've been working on tonight: the website. I spent way too long (but had a ton of fun) getting the customer gallery in order. All kinds of customer photographs I've gathered over the years. It of course took way longer than planned. And since I really only have a week or so left to contact stores before everyone gets caught up in Christmas, I may save the rest of this time-consuming task until mid-December. I'm very much looking forward to this aspect of my wholesale work.

I also heard a fun story from Sarah Shaw of a designer contacting 1800 stores in two weeks. Ninety percent of the shops she contacted asked for a catalog, and of those 30% placed orders. That's crazy! (and wonderful).

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