Monday, February 1, 2010

So Many Finds at the Craft & Hobby Trade Show

I spent most of last week at the Craft & Hobby Association's 2010 Winter trade show. It was the first trade show I ever attended for piddix, and it was huge, exhausting, amazing, overwhelming, and totally fun. One of my favorite parts was learning about new products that can be used by piddix customers.
I'll be writing more in-depth about the new glazes and pendants especially, but here's a sneak peek of some of my favorites:
  • Premo Sculpey premiered a new, brighter white. Looks like it should work even better for clay image transfers.
  • Collage Pauge. Kind of like an updated Modge Podge, designed by Traci Bautista.
  • A variety of water-based glazes to try out for scrabble tiles including 3D Crystal Laquer and Aleen's Paper Glaze.
  • Amate Studio pendants. I can't say enough good things about their pendants. And there's even a new, scrabble tile size pendant tray they just came out with.
  • Vintaj jewelry. Their brand new technique book (and really their whole line of products) is beautiful. I love the look of aged brass.
  • Simply Swank. I've always recommended their soldering book, but I didn't realize they also offer all kinds soldering supplies including glass for pendants. The trapezoid is my favorite.
  • Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film. Print out an image and transfer it to tiles, stone, glass. And no further sealing necessary.
Look for more reports about CHA in the next couple of weeks including several hands-on product reviews and a ton of new tutorials I discovered, too.


Molly Smith said...

When I read you were going to CHA I was so excited for you. I've been doing the designer showcase at the CHA Summer Show for the past six years! I knew you would love it, no way to describe it, I know.

You were one of the first sellers I purchased from on Etsy and I was so impressed with your process. Your sheets are fabulous - perfect!

Maybe I will meet you some day at CHA. Thanks for sharing the information.

Dolores~CraftyD's Creations said...

I'm so glad you got to go to CHA, I was lucky enough to go twice and remember the experience very well. I'm sure your head is still spinning from seeing so much. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

piddix said...

Hi Dolores and Molly. I had never even heard of CHA before two months ago. So it's absolutely amazing to hear about so many others who have been going for years. Brian (my husband) has already asked if we're going next year. We all went down and had quite a bit of fun at Disneyland. Thank you both for the super-kind notes.