Monday, February 1, 2010

Piddix Subscriptions are Back

After a three month hiatus and many requests, I've finally brought back the piddix monthly subscription. Starting February 1st, I will list a limited number of each of the following:

1. One entire month subscription of every single new collage sheet
3. An entire month subscription of every single new collage sheet PLUS full sized jpgs
2. TWO entire months subscription of every single new collage sheet PLUS full sized jpgs

Basically, I send you lots and lots and lots of fun images and collage sheets for a month or two. See all of the different options here.

And in case you're wondering whether to try out a subscription, see some of the feedback from the last time I had a subscription available.

2009 Feedback:

“You are AMAZING! And I love the subscription. I'm always so excited to open my email and find a new collage sheet from you! It was better than expected ... a lot cheaper than the value of the stuff we got (you could charge a little more ... hint hint) ... I like the variety of sizes and themes ... and I am signing up for next month. Thanks for the great collage sheets! Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you so much. It's an absolute bargain and the images are of an excellent quality.”

“Girl, you hit the JACKPOT, you filled in the BINGO card, and you've won the LOTTERY with this one -- it's fabulous. Thank you, Thank you. The money I spent on a one-month membership is going to be some of the best I've ever spent. :-) LOVE THIS ONE.”

I am truly delighted with the subscription -- I could continue every week all year if it was offered.”

“Each email was like opening a Christmas present. Thanks!”

“Thanks so much for the wonderful images. I love not knowing what images are coming next. It's turned out to be very inspiring. You have sent me images that I would never have bought, but as soon as I've seen them I've thought of something I could make with them. I've liked it so much that I've signed up for the next month.”

“I always love your collage sheets and these were no exception, nice to have something a little different that I might not have bought. Thanks for the wonderful service.”

“Enjoyed every sheet! Highest quality images, wonderful customer service!”

“This has been absolutely wonderful! Your images have been top-notch and load fairly quickly for my DSL. I wasn't sure what I would be getting, so this has been a very happy surprise. I am very interested in continuing! I will be signing up for a continued subscription ... Thank you for all your hard work, it has been MUCH appreciated!”

“I love my subscription and all of the images! I think it is a wonderful value ... I would definitely like to continue my subscription through the end of the month. Just tell me where to pay!!”

“IT'S BEEN SO FUN, downloading all the cool sheets you've put out for us. I AM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS, and I think you should continue the 'subscription' offering whenever you can.”

“The mix of collages was perfect for me. Some of the collages are probably not ones I would initially look at and say, oh, I have to have this one. But then when I received it as part of the subscription, I immediately saw a use for it. I've loved every single thing you've sent this week -- I know I will use them all. As I mentioned, I think your price is too low -- you put a lot of work into these collages and the results are very evident.”

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