Sunday, November 4, 2007

4x6 inch mini collage sheets

The other day I was working on some collage blocks, and I only needed a couple of images. But I ended up printing an entire sheet of paper with a couple of butterflies in the middle. And to top it off, I started running out of ink, which can be pretty expensive. Didn't I just get a new color cartridge the other day? It made me start thinking of little mini collage sheets, printed on 4x6 photo paper, which could save paper, ink, and could be easily printed with a professional printer. I wondered how that would work.

Several trial versions later, I'm super-excited about the results. I made a batch of test 4x6 sheets, stuck them on a CD, and took them to various drug stores and do-it-yourself photo kiosks around town. Some places only printed on glossy photo paper, others had glossy and matte. All were very easy and averaged 19 to 29 cents per copy. I'm totally sold.

I hope you like them. I'm going to list several as my piddix November special for $1 each since they're a new venture. I'll have to figure out how to sell them differently in the future, since etsy and paypal take something like 63 cents out of each $1 listing. But throughout November, they're yours for just $1.

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