Sunday, June 23, 2013

100 Days of Rejection: The Book

More than 100 days after my 100-day-quest is officially over, there's still three big dangly loose ends hanging out there.

First is securing my dream distributor. This one is so close I can taste it. But I'm afraid of jinxing myself, so until piddix collage sheets are in their online catalog--until I can visibly see them there--I'll keep holding my breath. I sure hope this one works out.

Next is getting some kick-butt sales reps (I'm looking at you, The Collins Group and MILLSREPCO). This second goal is 70% of the reason I'll have a tabletop at CHA Vegas in July. Even if I could just get a sit-down with one of them, I'd feel pretty good about the trip.

And finally I feel the need to document my 100-day-journey is some written way. My blog, website, and newsletter have always been places where I've shared tips and tricks. But every time I sit down to write a post or two summarizing what I've learned I get totally stumped. I try to summarize the experience in three to five pithy statements, but there's just too much to cover. The experience wasn't a clean-cut case of trial and error, i.e., "this is what I tried, and this is what worked and what didn't." It wasn't that simple. It was profound. It was deep and scary. And it was completely life-changing. I know others have the same fears I started with (fears of failure, fears of success, fears of reaching out in person or on the phone to the decision-makers in your field). So I keep feeling the pull to share this story in a way that can open up new worlds to others, and to do so in way that a simple blog post or two won't cover.

So, what do you think? First of all, can you relate to these fears? Is this a story you'd want to read? And second, is this a book you would pay to read? I'm considering starting a kickstarter campaign to fund the process (essentially the two months it would take to do this "right"), but was curious first if there's an audience out there that would be interested. Thoughts?


tammie said...

i'd read it, buy it and contribute to the book on kickstarter!

Rie said...

You have such a generous spirit - I think you might be overwhelmed at the response to kickstart your book. You've made it and we want to learn from you! You've been honest and raw about your journey - how many of us can admit our real fears?! If someone as successful as you still has fears (of failure and success) what a beacon you will be for those of us who want to take the summit. It tickles me that you don't know how amazing you are. You have a story to tell - we're waiting Corinna!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can absolutely relate to these fears. And I would buy a book that shares the honest life-changing journey of a successful artist/entrepreneur. Off you go now. Get to writing. We're looking forward to reading more about your journey.

piddix said...

You are all so incredibly kind. Thank you so very much. I go back and forth on this every single day. Reception overall has been lukewarm (present company excluded), and it would be enough work that I wouldn't want to do it without an excited audience. We'll see though. At the absolute least, I could always try again to write about it for free on my blog.

Jenipher Lyn said...

Id LOVE a book! Im so proud of you and your bravery/progress!!