Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 74: Making Art Prints

My etsy shop is a bit of a placeholder at the moment. Over the course of five years I sold more than 30,000 digital collage sheets before more-or-less closing up shop in 2012. I have a collage sheet CD on there, plus a couple of random prints that I made during my sales. But mostly it's just sitting there. So I'm always amazed when someone stumbles upon my shop and buys one of the prints. Today I received an email, sent from a customer in Chile:

Thank you so much Corinna. My print arrived today and it's perfect, just can't stop looking at it. you are the best! Loved your message and the Paris valentine's day card, thanks thanks!!!

Totally made my day.

Etsy is a funny place. You get back what you put into it. And lately I haven't been putting much into it. My art prints especially make me nervous since:

1. When I sell scans of vintage art that I've restored, every once in a while I get a really mean email from some random person telling me "how dare I sell someone else's art. And by the way, who was the artist, since I want to scan some myself to sell" (seriously, I've gotten this several times).

2. Or, I'm putting my own, original collages out into the world. And that's a whole other ball of wax (or yarn, or whatever that saying is) since who would want to buy my art?

So a big thanks to all who find new homes for the art prints. Always makes me happy.

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