Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 66: My Crafty Crush

I think I might have had a little too much fun at CHA, since right now all I want to do is sit around reading Janet Evanovich novels and making jewelry. Inspiration has been popping up everywhere. Isn't this blog header adorable? And wouldn't it be so amazing to learn how to make your own bezels in this class? Jen Crossley's totally my new crafty crush. Check out these bird house pendants. Wow.

Alas, time to stop daydreaming about all my new projects and get back to work tomorrow: a little more CHA follow-up, more Santas for licensing, and hopefully (fingers crossed) a video to get up on youtube.

1 comment:

Val Sparkle said...

That class looks like a good idea - I like doing resin pendants, but would love to make my own bezels.

That little bird house is adorable! And the nest, too.! I've actually been making some earrings like that with a pearl bead and wrapped colored wire. You're right - jewelry making is addictive!