Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 44: Mad Style

One of the great things about working with a licensing agent is that they handle all the things I don't like to do, like contracts, billing, and submitting work to potential clients. I create and restore the artwork and put it into presentations, but Julie and Tiffany (of Jewel Branding) are the ones who actually send it off and meet with publishers and manufacturers.

Tonight I worked on surface patterns from the 1930s-1960s to make into a presentation for the Atlanta Home & Gift Show. During the past year I've worked hard to negotiate the purchase of eight historical collections from six different publishers, many of which have long-since gone out of business. Last month I finally finished up the arduous but interesting task of confirming copyrights and scanning all of the over-sized originals, so now I'm restoring and coloring the images and prepping them for the piddix portfolio. Many of my favorite new images are from 1960-1961, which I believe is when the first season of Mad Men takes place. There's definitely some ugly ducklings in the collection, but also some real gems. Can't wait to send these off and see how they're received.


Val S. said...

I don't watch Mad Men, but I love this graphic! I'm also enthralled by how you go about researching archives and all that goes with it. That must be fascinating work!

piddix said...

Thanks Val. I must admit I've only seen Mad Men once or twice myself, but I love a lot of the style from that era. And yes, researching in archives is totally fascinating. I love it.