Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 35: It's Not Me, It's You

Today was awesome work-wise. I finally got a hold of a buyer I've been trying to contact for months. I've emailed, sent packages and called at least eight times, which for me is a ton. And when I finally was able to reach her, it was an amazing conversation. I sometimes worry that people are purposefully avoiding me, rather than the much-more-logical reality that they're sick, or over-worked, or on vacation, or plan to call me back after the busy holiday season.

In another affirmation that the world is not out to get me, I also finally heard back from a company I'd created artwork for over a year ago. It turns out they went out of business (gee, I guess that's why the project never went forward). But the art director started a new company and hired me today to create some new artwork. How exciting.


tammie said...

good for you - remember days like these next time you get a little down!

piddix said...

Great point Tammie. Thanks!