Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 30: An Update

Since I'm almost a third of the way through my 100-day-plan, it seems like a good time for an update.

So far I've called, emailed and/or sent sample packets to 14 different contacts to carry my printed collage sheets. Of those:
  • One said no
  • Six are "in the funnel," meaning I've been in contact with them and we're emailing, talking, setting up meetings, and so on
  • Seven I haven't heard back yet from (despite attempting to follow-up via phone)
I've also:
  • Applied to sell my art prints on two different flash sites (one I've been in contact with; one I'm still waiting to hear back from)
  • Submitted my artwork to a magazine (won't hear back until summer 2013)
  • Entered a design contest (didn't win)
  • Set up and had a meeting with a business coach
  • Reached out to a specialist in getting work into stores (haven't heard back yet)
  • Entered contest and won $100 in free advertising from twitter
  • Updated the wholesale section of my website
  • Downloaded and set up Bento (love it!)
  • Submitted my goal to Go Mighty
  • Committed to going to CHA this year
Honestly, 14 real contacts with stores doesn't seem like that much just in numbers (and I'm talking with only half of those), but perhaps because I'm contacting my absolute, absolute favorites first and there's still real potential with all of them, it feels quite exciting.

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