Monday, November 12, 2012

Day Four: Sending Out Samples

Yes, I had a stamp collection as a kid. And yes, I'm a total nerd who still loves to frequent stamp shows. In fact, this year for my birthday I had Brian drop me off at a philatelic show where I was not only the only woman in attendance but also the only person under 60.

So it's pretty fun to have an excuse to dress up an envelope full of samples to send off to my absolute favorite magazine company.

Day #4: For day four in my attempt to "get over myself" and contact folks like retailers to carry my collage sheets, I put together a couple of sample packets to send off to Stampington & Company for their Shoppe at Somerset. I'm starting will all my favorites first and Stampington is right at the top of my list. I wonder though, if I put together the packages today but send the accompanying email tomorrow, does that count as two different attempts for two different days, or am I cheating already? Hmmm. I pretty sure that's cheating.

Click here to read more about my attempt to receive 100 rejections in 100 days.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure this could turn into 100 new business ventures pretty soon Corinna! You are one talented lady!

Manuela said...

This is so amazing! Knowing that I'm not alone in this crazy "fear-zone" of rejections and that I should actually just do it, do what's the scariest thing ever for me, take a deep breath and send some emails (+ some jewelry) to stores around me!

I will do it and no one can stop me! :) Wish you all the best and don't give up, since I'm taking my inspiration out of your daily posts.

P.s.: I'm using some of your images on my Jewelry and I absolutely love it! You can check it here:

piddix said...

Thanks so much ladies.
Sandy, you're the best!
And Manuelea, your shop is great. You should definitely contact stores. I think they'd be happy to get you.