Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paper Heaven

Last weekend I went to a vintage paper fair. Did you even know there was such a thing? I didn't, which is probably a good thing since I could easily spend an entire month looking at every bit of goodness.

I think it helps, when running your own business, to truly love what you do. I spent hours and hours at the fair and didn't even make it past the first booth. I use a ton of vintage ephemera in my collage sheets, so it helps that I find the whole process of finding new imagery to be an exciting treasure hunt. I ended up with about 60 new postcards from the day, one of which I'll include as a free download in the piddix newsletter today (sign up here, if you're not already on the list).

I also thought I'd include a shot of my new photo staging area. Our new house is surrounded by trees, so finding a sunny spot in a typically overcast-Portland-day is a challenge. By the way, this view off the back deck is essentially the same as I have out my office window. We're still wondering how we got lucky enough to find such a lovely new home.

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susanc said...

Gorgeous view!

I saw a sign for a vintage paper fair at our local civic auditorium a few months ago. I will be watching for it the next time and will have to go and see what they have!