Monday, December 13, 2010

Of Cookies and Curiosities

Tonight we ventured to the ever-wonderful Powells. I was on a mission to find a blank journal for all my work notes and lists (it is surprisingly impossible to find good notebooks with blank pages). At 7:20pm, having given up and settled for a plain black moleskine, it was my turn to keep Declan entertained. The overhead speaker announced "free curiosities and cookies" in the Pearl room and so we found ourselves at Emily Martin (aka, The Black Apple's) book signing. I had planned to steal a macaroon and run, but Declan, at seeing all the chairs set up and facing the front of the room, insisted we stay for the "show."
Book Cover & Macaroon photos from The Black Apple.

We perched in a seat by the aisle, ready to leave at any sign of a bored and/or exhausted almost-four-year-old's meltdown. Yet somehow, Declan was transfixed. He sat and listened to the entire introduction to the Paper Doll Primer, then half-way through questions started waving his hand in the air:

"How did you decide what to put in your book?" he asked.

Followed five minutes later with:

"Did you ever play soccer?"

Having miraculously sat happily through the entire reading and Q&A, Declan then insisted we get in line for the book signing because he "had more questions to ask," such as "Why did you decide to put on this show," and "Are there any super-heroes in your book?"

I'm always fascinated with what piques Declan's interest. A chance trip to the Walker when he was two resulted in a full year of Fancy Dancing and Pow Wows. I wonder if we're up for a year of self-published doll books next.
By the way, I didn't end up having to settle for the moleskine. Every person who attended the reading received a super-sweet package of The Black Apple goodies which included a blank journal! Quite a lovely evening indeed.

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Sara said...

What a perfectly lovely time you had! :) I'm amazed that Declan was interested and able to sit through the talk and impressed at his well thought out questions. He sounds like a bright little guy! :)