Monday, May 17, 2010

One Question: What Inspires Your Creativity?

photo by Lara Schmidt

For each of the eight weeks of Lara's piddix internship I have created a list of set tasks. These pretty much always includes a book to read/review, several hours of work for piddix, as well as specific tasks for her own business, fraserhead. Last week I had a bit of an epiphany while I was putting together the intern assignment for the week: I was trying to create a mini-piddix. I had been showing Lara how to run a business in the exact same manner that I had done (too many hours working, too much stress). I had assumed that she, like me, was motivated by impossible goals and deadlines. But it turns out, Lara's goals are much more focused on learning, exploration and creativity (how fun and smart). In order to get a better sense of what motivates her, I asked Lara participate in my "one question" series and answer the following, and I love to hear from others what helps motivate your creativity, too:

Q: What inspires to to be creative?

A: Well, let me start by saying that there are many forms of creation, some of which I am good at, some of which I am not. Cooking and dancing, for example, happen to come very easily to me. I can dance and cook under almost any conditions without thinking twice. Then there are all the other acts of creation: drawing, singing, writing, painting, etc. that have taken on a life of their own and hover over me at night, snickering. To be creative in these ways requires a little bit of witchcraft on my part.

So what inspires me to be creative?

Riding my bicycle at night
The rain
Clean laundry
A beautiful book
Fresh cut flowers
A big stack of crisp paper
Beautiful patterns
A cute outfit
Talking and eating and drinking with friends
Being alone

Essentially I need to feel at peace to create. But being creative is a bit of a torment for me. I've yet to reconcile the two, which is why I usually end up in the kitchen, cooking and dancing.


Karen said...

Cooking and dancing sounds very inspiring Lara. Personally I'm finding the kitchen a little sad at the moment as the last of my children has just left home :-( The kitchen was the family hub.
For me starting up my new etsy shop sweetseamz is very inspiring, more than anything I'd like to quit my day job.
For inspiration I look and touch my ever growing pile of fabrics and a flood of ideas flow in. Picking up my journal helps too, perusing over drawings, selecting appropriate fabrics for my next childrens dress pattern design.
My new title is inspiring ... I have labeled my occupation as Textile Architect!!! Much more apt than seamstress. Karen

Lara said...

Haha. I love your title, Karen! What a great idea. Maybe I should call myself a Scrap Engineer. Or a Fabric Maven.

As for the kitchen: My mother felt similarly when we all left home, too. Our kitchen has always been a very active place. She coped with it by making dinners special, even though she was alone. Her kitchen is always full of adorable bottles, stinky cheese, sweets, cute vintage dishware, and jars filled with scrumptious mustards and compotes. She has a real knack for making things magical.

I hope you can reinvent your kitchen and good luck with your burgeoning business. As a Textile Architect, I think you really can't go wrong.