Friday, April 17, 2009

One Question: How to Submit Your Jewelry and Crafts to Magazines

This week's "one question" goes out to the lovely Jes of Junque Revival, whose jewelry has been featured in several national publications, including three different articles in Belle Amoire Jewelry Magazine. Jes also has a blog and a weekly column on Indie Public called "She Dreams of Art."One Question: "What advice and tips would you give to someone who wants to submit their jewelry for publication?"

JUST DO IT! No seriously. For the longest time I put off submitting with excuses, "I'm just too busy right now," or "I just don't feel like I'm there yet." My online artsy friends kept telling me that I should and I'd give them the same old tired lines as well. I know I thought I wasn't good enough, and I know a lot of artists struggle with this as well. I was lucky enough to have the editor of Belle Armoire contact me and ask me to submit, but I should have done it long before. Not everything I submit gets taken, but I just look at that as part of the job. You can always build your confidence by starting a little smaller. There are some wonderful art-zines out there that are always looking for new art. Just google "art zine" and find what's best for you.

I think that if you believe in yourself and your art the rest will follow.

1. Look online for magazine guidelines and submission dates. Copy and hang it in your studio.
2. Please be sure your work is unique and that you are not sending in pieces that are similar to other artists.
3. Go the extra mile. Your piece is looking fabulous. You think it might be good enough to submit, but is there one more little tweak you could do to put it right over the edge?
4. Read and follow all guideline submission directions carefully.


Jes said...

Hey girl! Finally getting this up on my blog now! I have been layed up with a bad back for almost a week, and am terribly behind!!

THANKS for the fab mention...not only are your collage sheets inspiring, so aren't you!!

xoxox Jes Berry

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I was looking for someone like you who was willing to share. I am going to work on some of my pieces to send them off.

Thanks again!