Sunday, October 14, 2007

100 Surveys Returned -- Thanks

Thanks to everyone who completed my survey about digital collage sheets. I was especially impressed with the thoughtful, thorough responses. Though I did receive one joke survey that was one of my favorites. In response to the question about new images someone wanted to see in collage sheets, the answer was "yo momma." I'm not sure if my mom would like photos of her used in a digital collage sheet, but I can ask her.

Another question in the survey was what topics people who like to see covered in this blog, or what questions people had about digital collage sheets in general. The overwhelming response was "What's up with that copyright thing?" So that will be one of the first posts I'll create.

On the digital collage sheet front, new images I'm working on include several versions of trees (from photographs and paintings), along with finishing some sheets that I've started long ago, such as more cowgirl images.

I also have a lovely new scanner that I'm playing with, scanning in images from recent estate-sale-finds, including butterfly photographs from the 1890s, 1950s Christmas books and vintage holiday wrapping paper, and baby books.

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natureallwell said...

I just wanted to let you know how awesome your collage sheets are! They are going to make fantastic tags for my jewelry! Thanks a bunch!